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International Audit

JACO's International Audit

JACO's International Audit for Globalizing Demand

JACO provides Certification/Registration Services and seminars in North America, Europe, Asia and other countries in the world as well as Japan. Especially, efficient audits are performed in China and South-eastern Asian countries, based on joint audit agreements with local partner certification bodies. JACO is accredited by UKAS(United Kingdom Accreditation Service) and JAB(The Japan Accreditation Board for Conformity Assessment) as Certification/Registration Body, and their accreditation symbols are indicated in JACO’s Certificate.

Partner certification bodies:
・BSI Group Japan K.K. (All countries except China)
・China Environmental United (Beijing) Certification Center Co., Ltd.(China): CEC
・Management System Certification Institute(Thailand)
・TÜV SÜD PSB Certification Pte Ltd.(Singapore)
・SIRIM QAS Sdn. Bhd.(Malaysia)
・SUCOFINDO International Certification Services (Indonesia)

(All countries except China)

International Audit Team

JACO's International audit teams are tie-up of JACO auditors and local partner auditors.
JACO Auditors = Experienced auditors with covering in wide industry ranges, most of them used to be managerial staffs of Japanese corporations, and, therefore, understand how the management systems work in international corporations.
Local Partner Auditors = Auditors evaluated by highly credible local partner certification bodies, have specialty of local compliance.
In order to maintain and improve partner auditors’ skills and knowledge, JACO provide them trainings according to JACO’s original system.

International Integrated Audit・Overseas Combined Audit

JACO offers international integrated audits as convenient audit practices to international multi-site organizations. JACO’s auditors, with knowledge of the policy of mother company in Japan, perform audits for international plants and branches with effective audit plans under the established audit scheme.
Combined audits are also available anywhere in the world as well as Japan.

JACO – DNV Joint Audit

For an organization implementing one integrated management system in global scale, JACO – DNV joint audit is recommended, which provides highly credible JACO audits for domestic sites, and DNV audits with a reputation for high credibility and excellent footwork, for the overseas sites. It assures a best mix of high quality and economy in audits and certification for the organization.

For inquiries or information in English, please contact International Audit Center at 81-35572-1725/E-mail :